How to treat your best friend

There is absolutely no need for you to hurt or scare your best friend. Anyone who says positive reinforcment doesn’t work, probably is not implementing it correctly.

Please please do not hold the snout closed, don’t squeeze the lips, don’t hold the tongue. This does not teach soft mouth nor “no bite” it might teach the dog to be afraid of your hands.  It could also make yoru dog hand shy with everyone.   They you might wind up with a fearful adult dog.  And fearful adult dogs can bite when approached to quickly or grabbed at by a stranger.

Please don’t listen to any advice that is just a repeat of television shows.  TV is for entertainment and ratings – not education.  So please do not listen to advice about alpha rolling, dominance, pack leader, showing who’s boss etc..

There is  a reason why the screen on those TV shows flashes “Do not try this at home” – because the techniques are extremely unsafe.

Please absolutely no alpha rolling, leash yanking, hanings, no leash corrections (same as yanking, jerking).  There are better ways to treat your best friend.  Please no shock collars

If someone says it doesn’t hurt, it probably does:

Please don’t be mean to your dog by rubbing his nose is his potty.

Additionally, there is absolutely no reason to yell or scare the dog. This causes reverse housetraining.

  This is just cruel.  Just let the dog out at least every hour and praise highly when he goes potty.

More info below

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